Bone structure - using Bikram Yoga as Therapy




Since our studio doors opened on January 1st, I’ve heard from ya’ll core reasons for practicing.

The predominant goal is physical relief from pain in the body.

When you use Bikram Yoga as a therapeutic tool you are creating a marriage between your heart and lungs. During this shift there are inseparable connections within the healing process.

To open flexibility in the spine - the hips need not only to open, but need to be actively involved in supporting the structure within the stacking of the spinal column. The muscles that coordinate this integration, often kept in stagnation with western lifestyle, will quantum leap shift to calibrate with the rest of the body during your Bikram Yoga Therapeutic class.

Making a meal out of yoga practice:

  • Salt in the meal is patience.

  • The alignment is what we eat.

  • Cook time is breath.

  • Gathering of ingredients is showing up and doing the postures.

Core Yoga Shifts

Require a non opinionated approach to your own process. The attachment of ‘dislike’, and even ‘like’, is only serving up until a point.

Enter into a core base line shift with a non personalized approach to your practice.

Meaning a state of non comparison of oneself with ones expectations. The Deep Core Yoga Shift filters through a state of non resistance. The goal in your heart for the freedom you seek in your core structure ironically comes when the goal no longer is your obstacle! Pay close attention with the mindset of ‘mindfulness’ on your mat. You will find more than you bargain for in your peripheral vision with your centered focus free of expectations on depth with your yoga postures.

Your goal is the alignment, not the mental strain of attainment.

Namaste in action yoga family



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