Day 328 on a 365 Day Om'ing Challenge

Shifting into a happier internal state. My life 100% reflects me. Enlightenment is not what we mentally label it as.

Link to the beginning of 365 Day Om Challenge and description/ reason for method used. 

Ideas that have imprinted on me:

  • You cannot force transformation, you can only create the space for it to happen. 

  • The way we treat others is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. 

  • Everyone does the best they can from the state of mind where they are at at that time. This is key when working on forgiving yourself and others. 

  • Surrender to what is currently happening, navigate towards priorities and the bigger picture.  

  • Take nothing personally. It is not about you. Everything is about you. 

  • Always ask for feedback on your process. Consult with elders and mentors.

  • Growth rates are slow in your comfort zone. 

  • Baby steps, start where you are. 

  • The best feedback is from people who don’t like you. Listen mindfully, question everything. 

  • People who talk about others behind their backs do the same to you. No exceptions. 

  • It is okay to not be okay. 

  • Do your utmost to develop the capacity to be alright with silence.  

  • No one thinks about you more than you do. 

  • Tomorrow is a magical futuristic place where dreams are personified as later. 

  • The Earth, the brain and the central nervous system function on the same frequency. 

  • Let people be who and what they are. Let go of trying to ‘help’ others. You do your thing. 

  • Nothing can be more important for your comprehension and connection to the world we live in than learning a new language and studying a musical instrument. This is a continuous process necessary for experiencing Life. 

  • Everybody has messed up somewhere along the line. Take it easy on yourself. 

  • Sometimes you have to take a step back to take 3 steps forward. Relax. 

  • Show up as you are. Less is more. Too good is no good. 

  • Read a book you like. 

  • Time your life, take your time to get places. 

  • If you are always late, see what if feels like to be early. If you’re always early or on time, be late and feel that feeling. It is not just in that moment, it is an under current of emotion that is heightened by a perceived time constraint. Use it to go inside and then be mindfully ontime. 

  • You are responsible for managing your inner state, your response to what happens around you, and what happens to you. 

  • There is always room for improvement. 

  • You can’t be good at everything. Outsource help. 

  • We heal in community. 

Link to the beginning of 365 Day Om Challenge and description/ reason for method used.