Medical History

The body wants to live. The Spirit wants to feel. 

I maintain youthful movement and state of mind through regular practice. 

I am a survivor of Deep Vein Thrombosis and full blown Ulcerative Colitis. 

The Yoga is not a cure all by any means; however, it has laid the foundation for my healing that requires constant awareness of my ‘state’ at all times for a prescription free life. 

There is nothing like the bodies own ability to heal itself. Bikram Hatha Traditional Yoga helps me be the best version of myself today. 

I am here, because of my Bikram practice - and medication to see me out of ‘crisis mode’ to get to this point.

Living in Rochester, Hot Yoga Rochester is my safe space to continue on my yoga journey. The slogan: “Show up as you are”, is a moto to live by. I am blessed with clarity of mind through the feedback of this practice.

#namasteinaction #showupasyouare  


Hot Yoga Rochester

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