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Keto / Paleo Kombucha
Tea - not just an ingredient in your Kombucha

Grasp how to prepare ratio with brew time - change the final product. 

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Anti-microbial activity of Kombucha is from acetic acid

Study was to determine and characterise Kombucha’s anti-microbial activity


It is recommended that Kombucha be consumed at 33 g/L total acid, 7 g/L acetic acid, to obtain beneficial attributes.

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DIY scoby success

Next step is how to feed your scoby and maintain a happy PH

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Kegging system for your Kombucha < / $300

It has never and I don't think will ever get easier to keg your own kombucha at home. #BOSS

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Continuous brewing system
Brewing Teas

I use these whole leaf organic teas to make my kombucha

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