A smile inside out

Kindness is a superpower


People respond to how you make them feel. I have to question how I talk to myself. When I switch my mindset to compassion for myself, I feel so much better. More motivated. So, compassion and kindness only means something when it is in action. What motivates the action can simply be a shift in perspective. As life progresses I do notice that the perspective of self love is often off my radar. BUT. Inside I am aware that there is another wavelength that I might not be able to a-tune to at the moment, but it is there! 

The biggest robber of kindness for myself is regret. My Mom would call it - The Woulda Shoulda Coulda Syndrome. Thats largely why I am even writing this post now and doing this site and teaching the things I teach.... yadi wadi.... So that when the day comes when breath becomes air, my passions are quenched ( as much as possible ) I hope. 

Kindness to ourselves for the courage to live with no regrets



Marah SmithComment