Youthful thoughts

I was 26 when I started to see that getting older was a reality and staying 'young looking' as possible was not going to happen by accident. 

Years later of course I have grown up ( some .) What peaks my interest is the process of youth. If we can some how support the life that is within us now. 

To keep it super simple. We all eat and drink. We all go to the loo and trim our nails and hair. We are always growing. Supporting the life within. Surely this leads to looking and feeling more youthful. I mean if we are constantly eating things and doing things that don't support longevity. The math adds its self up?

I guess what I am trying to get at is that the more we do the things that make us feel alive and the more living foods we eat. Then this math too would add its self up. 

Marah SmithComment