Keto / Paleo Kombucha

Kombucha made using my method is Paleo. The issue for me now is that I am leaning more towards a Keto based diet. I only make what I want to drink, so this has changed my brew for this week for sure! To follow with my current nutritional needs I have drenched my booch with raw pressed ginger and added celtic sea salt. When you are in Ketosis things taste different and you are seeking out that vibe in all food that touches your lips. This week I made something outrageously delicious - bare in mind my taste buds are now in the 70% fat no carb vibe.... 

What makes something commercially viable is what appeals to a mass market demand. Kombucha is already a niche, add a Keto eating regiment to that and boy oh boy that public demand settles right down. None the less, I know you are out there! So, this is how my kombucha will be at this week sunday's pilates class at Numvmnt in Rochester. If you are not in Roc to hang out and practice with me in person here is a 12min video i made for ya'll. 

Booch love - Show up as you are - namaste in action


Hi I am Marah, I am a Bikram Yoga Instructor and am loving what pilates is doing for me. These are my home work outs and I hope you join me!