365 day OM Challenge


In Conclusion:

Meditation is logging onto the inner web. A rabbit hole of making the unconscious conscious. Every thought and memory is a program you are running. Software is always being updated and uploaded, but never deleted. The inner response ( feelings ) during a program you are running tells you if the file is opened; an Icon on your desk top or filed in category. There is no trash file, only a repurposing for what we cannot change. To set ourselves free we organise, we clean and we look at our inner world. Om’ing has empowered me to be tolerant towards stillness with my breath. #365DayOMChallenge

Why I am OM'ing

  • OM is the vibration and frequency of space. Atomic structure is 99.9999999999996 % space and the mass of the atom is in the part that occupies 0.0000000000004 % of that space.

  • Natural tangible form follows a sequencing of geometry. Various sequencing, what is consistent is that they are replications of relationship coming together and well .... I am interested in the spaces that make up these relationships.

  • The human body is geometry expressed in time. The human body itself is code. Geometric code in vibratory resonance.

  • I am told I should ( and I do ) want to escape the world of thought and identification with myself and the world around me - using fresh eyes to experience "The Now".

  • I use OM with my body in Malasana to help me open up and vibrate with OM in space time using my body and voice as a medium to get me to energies that tangible form in nature are expressed through.

Method : 


  • 108 OM's

  • Inhale by the nose

  • Sit in Malasana

Day 336 By the pond today after doing the rounds and sitting there watching the fish jump out the water. The more I Om the more it pushes me into silence. Learning to keep my mouth shut! One Om at a time. 

Day 328  Shifting into a happier internal state. My life 100% reflects me. Enlightenment is not what we mentally label it as. If you are always late, see what if feels like to be early. If you’re always early or on time, be late and feel that feeling. It is not just in that moment, it is an under current of emotion that is heightened by a perceived time constraint. Use it to go inside and then be mindfully ontime. Read More

Day 235 3/20/18 Everything. Nothing. You do. You don't do. You. 

Day 222 Today your urgent task is to feel happy. Considering your perception of your past and anticipation of your future, this happiness now, will be your most difficult task to date. Focus on a feeling and watch it surge. 

Day 211 Freedom from 'myself' - from my own 'story'. 

Day 209 Justification and procrastination are buddies.

Day 195 Suppressed anger is still 'anger'. Questioning response - allowing it - letting the feeling be. It shifts. I am no longer afraid to feel out of control, because I am not! I am meeting those boundaries and staying with it. They move through #365dayOMChallenge Maybe thats what Bruce Lee meant when he said: "Be like water." No resistance? 

Day 186 Meditation of late has been leading me to silence with play time - Time is now only - I am discovering clear outlines in my thought patterns, breathing and how I feel. The feelings are pin pointed. I find myself being able to be still and observe tension in my hips! This is a miracle to be able to notice the 'holding up feeling' in my hips that are seemingly engaged my whole life. As my hips release my knees (ego as well) needs to loosen, so I need to be careful and mindful - some days the inner sight is so bright I cannot stand it, so I do less as the feeling is too real and jarring. It is unfortunate that my diary has not been more consistent with some of the progressions to lead me to this point, however, this is best. I can see that your path will not be mine! As you do your devotions and the commitments to surrender to acknowledging your true state you will surface some truths. Tremendously helpful are positive self help books. You will come across the ones that are right for you. Miracles are in average humans showing altruistic kindness and trusting in the divinity of sunshine for all alike. While we meditate on our breath and mantra's it is imperative to renew the mind as well with enlightened text. The thought tuning will be channeled to cosmic consciousness as opposed to stagnant reruns of old self perceptions. Time is now only. #365dayOMchallenge 

Day 143  Humanity: being fragile and vulnerable in surrender has an intangible support to it. It is way better than being ummm .... not in 'surrender'. Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah

Day 135 Sprit born in human body is an experience of divine consciousness. It is a feeling. Humanity and kindness is the evolution into the Light of Oneness within oneself. Christ consciousness. Abba father love. 

Day 132 12/07/17 Make every breath a communication with God. 

Day 99 11/03/17 Where else do you live except within the experience of yourself. 

Day 5 - 8/1/17 My hips and lower back feel great. I got super high from a blood rush after sitting in Malasana the full 108 OM's. It was great. I will keep trying to stay in position, when physically possible. The message today was " you are blessed " - this message keeps coming up and there are some other realisations that are more private, but this feeling today was very strong. I am blessed. 

Day 6 - 8/2/17 Laid in Savasana after doing Malasana the entire OM time. Painful. My hip was on cold fire, but I have opening up to do in that area. Outside of the benefits of meditation in general... the physical benefits of the posture I am doing this in = Genius. The "message" I got today, before I felt the pain come ( when the blood returned to my hip ): When I open up to love after being in the state of living in pain; it hurts to open up again; It hurts like a bitch. It is more of a "rush" than the extreme sports and travel I have done. EVER! I found my knew "high"- to feel.

Day 7 - 8/3/17 A doggie named Neo came up to me to play while I was OM'ing.  

Day 8 - 8/4/17 Walked a bit after session. No "high" today... human sadness feeling, rather observant space though. The only way out is through. Looking forward to next session despite discomfort. Its a bit like going to the toilet really. 

Day 16 - 8/12/17 On track = momentum. I am busy in the best way possible, creating my happiness. More to come when I am in the mood to write. 

Day 21 - 8/17/17 The teaching of non-attachement points to attachment to breath. Detachment is an illusion and self serving. Remain attached to breath, being present to experience the attachment of this life. Namaste in action. Good moment to feel and understand the teaching of attachment in my spirit.  #365dayOMchallenge

Day 23 - 8/19/17 Given two choices love or fear, don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart. Don't take life seriously; follow your heart, you will connect dots in hind sight. 

Day 32 - 8/28/17 Every experience we have starts from within ourselves. Every single one. Having a precious feeling for myself is something I have had trouble resonating with for some time. I did a therapy session with a healer a few years ago called "The Journey". The Journey is designed to take you inside your body and build what is called a 'camp fire' with people who have hurt you in some way or that you have hurt.... your issues .... it depends on you. You go 'inside' and it gets you to a place where you can identify in your body where the feeling is. OM'ing is taking me back to this campfire. Approaching the campfire with a sense of precious affection for myself, I feel safe to feel my heart and am becoming empowered to face the core of pain issues that have plagued me by ruling my decisions and self perception. The more I am OM'ing, the more I feel. I am now having more break throughs in my dreams and otherwise seemingly insignificant moments as my 'space' becomes clearer. I am in the company of a new healer who is explaining to me what is called - Human Design - the wiring of the human psyche that we are born with, more opens up and reveals itself as I go along. I am enjoying this challenge and am grateful to have the balls (fortitude) to apply this 'insanity'. Yay for those of us who believe the world we live in starts from within us. Thank you for reading my precious friend. Love Marah #365dayOMchallenge 

Day 41 - 9/6/17 The time for myself to focus on myself is wonderful. Committing to this highlights how little quality time I spend with myself. This morning I am up super early (4:45am) I am sick and tired of thinking about random stupid non fruitious things. Stuff that really does not matter and has no effect on my day - Things in the past and judgements. I am feeling the mental weight of the crap in my head. I guess it has always been there, I am now really just able to notice it. The more I OM the more I want to OM. 

Day 55 9/20/17 It's not all cupcakes making the commitment to sit and do this. Things are shifting and as it does rebalancing is no icing on my cake. The cake is good though. 

Day 58 9/23/17 No time only evolution 

Day 78 10/13/17 Our Christ consciousness lies in our humanity. IE. In our feelings of connectivity with the world around us and in our physical form to access Divinity. 

Day 81 10/16/17 Nothing is as it seems. Choose happiness, the truth will set you free. 

Day 86 10/21/17 This morning I went to the park again to OM. In interest of going in a little deeper to what is happening = there is a progression I am leaving out of this blog. OM'ing is a pretty personal experience and feels like its part of a collective evolution in all areas of my life right now. This method is for me, and correct for where I am at right now. It has been a natural progression along side my yoga and Capoeira training ( I do Cap for fitness and fluidity in functional movement ). OM'ing ties in with my Pentecostal Christian background. My childhood is immersed in studying the teachings of the Bible. I have since come to be what Christians will call a Back Slidden New Age Witch. My mother actually says that I will burn in hell for all eternity; don't get me wrong; My mother and I have a great relationship, I understand where she is coming from and vice versa. While she says I will go to hell for all eternity, I tell her that her believing her first born will burn in hell for all eternity is hell on earth, and the state of consciousness that her Christ was trying to free her from. Christ consciousness as the second coming - I believe he is already here and within me. WOW! That's a lot of type or 'tripe' as my Grandfather would have described this dribble. 

Too much thinking / intellectualising and more OM'ing. On that note my mother and I pray in tongues together on video chat. How are them apples #365dayOMchallenge 

Day 91 10/26/17 Tuning of myself with nature; similar to plucking of a string while adjusting taughtness. Om'ing is the dial tuning the strings of my heart. #365dayOMchallenge  

Day 93 10/28/17 Felt a solid boldness and confidence from my heart after Om'ing today. A lack of fear of 'losing' while following my heart. I feel access to an inner confidence / a boldness. The feeling came from my heart as I stood up out of malasana and as I type this I can still feel it. Pretty cool vibe. Gentle relaxed patient feeling.