Anger is a high vibration.

When I feel its push and move towards understanding that it is me that feels angry


I am angry. Anger is a medium to connect me to my inner self. Sadness turned inwards is one definition I have subscribed to for anger in the past. No, anger is from within and is now exposed. That's anger. I will one day again know what pain is, maybe, but for now. I am fed. I am clothed. I am loved. This self impression on my life is cleansing. If I were to see it any other way I would surely be bitter. My life's mission is to turn bitter water's within sweet. To allow the bitterness to flow through me and to turn it sweet. I am the cause of the troubles in my own life. Only me. Not my upbringing. Not circumstance. Me. The accountability for myself is what sets me free.

I am angry. I can feel me. I am fermented. Go Ferment Yourself.

Love Marah