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How Yoga Can Help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

This brain is such a complex machinery, most people have never been trained in how to use it. It would take a certain level of dedication and focus to learn to use it. Most people are only using a fraction of the capabilities of their computer. There are so many ways to use that machine, but not everybody knows how. The same is true with the brain. Everyone’s brain is capable of many things, but this is not at your fingertips – that is the problem.

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Put down that painkiller, pick up a yoga mat: VA study finds yoga helps chronic back pain without pills

After six months of twice-a-week yoga sessions, San Diego veterans reported a significant drop in back pain — one of the signature complaints of a demographic that suffers higher rates of chronic pain than the general population.

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Pranic Breathing Techniques
Fecal Transplants

The Birth of Poop

Newborns are born with meconium in their gut, which was, until recently, thought to be sterile.  In fact meconium is populated  with Ecoli and Lactobacillus, thought to be from the mothers digestive system. As the infant moves through the birth canal their mouth fills with bacteria further colonising their digestive system. The kissing and cuddling which babies invite continues the colonisation process and nutrients in the mother’sbreast milk help grow the new bacteria.

Studies have shown that the intestinal flora of caesarean delivered and bottle fed infants takes much longer to colonise. By the time your microbiome is established it contains a zoo of bacteria all working as a key digestive organ to keep you healthy. Some practitioners speculate that health and psychological problems run in families not for genetic or social reasons, but because the causative bacteria are spread through families.

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Ocean Brine

Deep ocean water (DOW) is obtained from 600 m below the sea surface. In recent years, DOW has been applied in the development of fermentation biotechnologies and functional foods.

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