Coca Leaf Cookies

Baking with the leaves used in cocaine production

Superfood - Coca Leaf

Homemade Coca Leaf Cookies help relax me. Pretty simple recipe. 1cup almond flour. 1/4 cup maple syrup and two tablespoons of ground Coca leaves. Ferment Yourself

You can buy cookies packaged by companies here in Columbia. Organic cookies - no pesticides etc. You can also make them for yourself. This is how I did it this time round. The leaf works well added to any flour. It will dry out your dough a bit. Adjust recipe according to that tit bit of knowledge. Have you bought my book on Alcoholic Kombucha yet? 

Over doing Coca leaves can cause migraines, hypertension and liver problems. Eating too much cabbage causes excess gas. Ferment Yourself.