Dhanvantari - God of Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda

Using traditional methods to align the systems of the body; including but not exclusive to breathing techniques, diet and using herbal treatments. 

Ayurveda practice requires an understanding of the Doshas and how they work together to create harmony within the systems of the body. 

Dhanvantari is the God of balance in Hindu tradition. The intellectual understanding of Ayurveda requires knowledge, but also deeper feeling and ability to resonate with an individual to "retune" what is out of balance. 

In Ayurveda we look outside of ourselves to mother nature to help us harmonise within. More important than the ingestion of healing therapies is the connection between the Ayurvedic healer and the person seeking healing. 

The human biome is cultivated through the senses and through connection. Ayurvedic practice is about connection with the environment to achieve deeper connection within oneself. 

During my time working with people outside of the practice and within it. My beliefs are strongly reconfirmed that we are truly craving connection on a cellular level. We crave connection with others and our environment, but this is a symptom of what we truly crave. We truly crave to connect with ourselves.

The human experience is about the Universe learning about itself through human expression. Ayurvedic practice is a process of inner evolution. Inner connection. 

Dhanvantari God of Ayurveda


God of Ayurveda