Vata / Pitta / Kapha



Air / Wind

Body type: thin, delicate bone structure, low body fat, hard to gain weight

Characteristics: sensitive, spiritual, running late, fidgety, forgets to eat; routine feels difficult and overwhelming, flightiness, memory problems, easily confused, not present, tendency toward thin hair or baldness

Signs of balance: sharp, quick thinking, creative, fast talking, abstract – might be or have propensity toward arts, writing, poetry, music, creative types

Signs of imbalance: gas, bloating, unfocused, spacey, dry skin, hair and nails, coldness and chills, nervousness, sleeplessness, worry, cavities (because of mineral deficiency from stress)

Organs to nourish: nervous system, colon, bones

Foods to reduce: stay away from low-fat diets, raw and cold foods, need very careful planning if vegetarian or vegan to stay grounded and focused

Foods to incorporate: warming, lubricating, grounding, heavier foods to calm down, good quality oils, warming foods to counteract coldness

Beneficial: creamy tasting soups, lighter proteins like fish and eggs, mashed sweet potatoes, root vegetables, heavier gluten-free grains like black and wild rice and buckwheat, regular and balanced meals, weight lifting, pilates, yoga



Water / Fire

Body type: medium body frame, well proportioned, good genetics toward muscularity, easily overheated

Characteristics: type A personalities, compelled to accomplish things, focused, organized, never misses a meal and can be cranky if meal skipped (has a strong metabolism), workaholic, doesn’t do well in hot, humid climates, sassy, creates problems that don’t really exist when feeling too balanced, needs to eat often

Signs of balance: productive, get it done people, organized, has a capacity to work until they drop, energized, enthusiastic, quick but sharper than vata

Signs of imbalance: under stress easily agitated, irritable, overly competitive, and other heat associated conditions; diarrhea, skin rashes, burning eyes, increased appetite, perspiration, over working

Organs to nourish: liver, gall bladder, spleen, small intestine, blood, eyes

Foods to reduce: excessive spices that are too heating, red meat

Foods to incorporate: sweet and bitter foods, cooling and astringent, sweet tasting spices (cardamom, fennel), protein

Beneficial: peppermint tea, fresh lime, lighter proteins (chicken and fish), dark leafy greens (bitter and cooling), sweet vegetables, calming and relaxing physical exercise, pilates, gentle relationships



Water / Earth

Body type: larger body type, not necessarily overweight, gains weight easily, holds fat and water, strong, great powerful athletes when in shape

Characteristics: grounded, stable, solid, clear about the ways of the world, sensual and strong sexuality, sense of physicality, steady appetite but not overly strong like pitta, can miss a meal, slower metabolism, resist exercise and are slower moving, often trying to lighten up (physically and emotionally)

Signs of balance: reliable, dependable, calm, peacekeepers, even-tempered, loving, affectionate

Signs of imbalance: holds on to emotions, lethargic, sleeping too much, depressed, lacking enthusiasm, feeling dull and sluggish, overweight, congestion,

Organs to nourish: lungs, stomach, body fat, lymphatic system

Foods to reduce: high fat foods, heavy and fatty proteins, dairy, gluten based grains, red meats, starchy vegetables

Foods to incorporate: drying and heating foods, heating and pungent spices for their thermogenic properties, lighter gluten free grains like quinoa, light proteins, vegetables

Beneficial: beans, quinoa, spinach, dandelion, salads, cayenne, pepper, ginger, self-acceptance and body image affirmations, cardiovascular exercises, love the body you have (kapha women should not try to be vata).