Tea - not just an ingredient in your Kombucha

Using tea as a base in your Kombucha Fermentation requires an understanding of the 'How to' - getting the best out of your leaves under all preparation methods. If you want to make good Kombucha you need to train your taste buds to understand the leaf. Grasp how to prepare ratio with brew time - change the final product. Tea is a major component in good Kombucha - Internalise. Eccentric detail? Then wonder why you can’t brew good Kombucha. Love you 😍 and Ferment Yourself Happy 😃 Questions - please give shout. 

Tasting the difference in black tea with milk will help highlight the subtle differences in the final Kombucha product. This understanding of the teas current will help you direct your ratio’s with added ferments for your bottling and kegging phase. #KombuchaSnob Tea prepared different ways yields a change in final product. #Kombucha is not roll over easy - it’s #douchebag proof 🖖🏽