Honesty is the new love

Fermenting ones thoughts

Contemplating the process of mindful thinking


Old eyes:

Illusive and non committal my minds quiet side evades. Adult hide and seek has taken on a cruel hellish torture. My day to day self absorbance in pursuit of the release from my own prison, I mock people in real distress. The hell of the space that occupies my heart through scaled eyes relishes in self destruction. No wake for the damned. I can feel the lure of seeking outside reprieve in higher meaning. The thought of, more than this, providing a cushion on a bed of snares while I await the loss of loved ones. The impending knock of time getting louder as moon tides lap on my shore. My awake from this dream is perhaps tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Heaven is in the promise of no more tomorrows through these scaled eyes. My heart yearns.

New eyes:

Nothing says I love you more than open hearted sharing of faults, and mistakes. The illusion of perfection destroys what is real.

  • Wear your pyjamas to the mail box.

  • On Sundays, don't make your bed.

  • Embrace your lovers morning breath.

  • When you are sad, express your feelings to a friend.

  • Be kind to your faults.

  • Know in your heart who you are.

When we are secure in who we are, it emboldens others to be more free.

What a legacy that would be! 

Empower others to be their happiest truest self. Start with you. Life is full of gifts, blessings and surprises.

Honesty is the new love. Be honestly you. Love others.