'A pea in the middle of a rugby field' 

An entity is defined by the volume it encompasses. 


In 9th Grade Chemistry class my teacher explained the structure of an atom to me. 

The mass of an atom is in the pea and what makes up the rest of the field is where electrons play the game. The game being played makes up the space where they run around as far as their bond in the game will let them. They just run around, nothing is actually “ there “.


In wonderment, I put my hands together and was wondering why they didn't pass through each other. The table, why my elbows could rest on it. I was in a daze of bewilderment. 

After class I mentioned my delight to a fellow student describing my observation. She looked at me like it was a silly question. Perhaps she new about chemical bonding and forces, even so it still amazes me that my tuchas sits on this chair as I write this now 20+ years later. That girl was one of the smart students in the class, so I figured at the time, perhaps it wasn't such a big deal as I thought. 

No closed system exists anywhere in the natural world.


Energy is understood in terms of its dynamics, however the origin of this energy - in physics - is still largely unknown. Even the source of something we all 'get' like Gravity. We can't define the source. 

I like to focus on what our senses don't experience, this is what really make the world go around. I feel like we are focusing on the outline and not the colour in the picture. 

Rainbow’s are my favourite.