Dear fellow yoga teacher, you are replaceable.

Our yoga students breath is synchronised to their movement in a safe space that we teach from. 


This facilitates a deepening of a persons relationship with themselves.

When we teach there is a bond that forms and it can feel like family. It is our yoga family. 

I have taught at many different studios around the world and I will say beyond a shadow of a doubt - all Bikram studio owners love their teachers and their students. All of them! 

There is a radical blurring of the lines between business, healing and personal development in the private yoga studio world. 

When we as teachers serve a yoga studio the only return from the studio that is required is our pay rate. What we offer as teachers to the studio in terms of our services as healers is sometimes a shorter period of time and sometimes longer. When the owner - the person carrying the financial risk of the business - makes a request, we listen. We serve. 

I see fellow teachers making demands of ownership and competition over yoga students. When you teach at a private studio, understand you will one day leave and the healing that you facilitate in people needs to continue. The business side needs to remain separate. The healing that the yoga provides through you, the yoga teacher, is delicate. Yogis will not be 'fully grown' when you leave teaching at a location and you can hurt their process causing them to, for lack of a better word, derail. That is a manipulation of their spiritual journey and by default a hinderance to our spiritual growth as healers. We feel like our students are our family, but we always carry a responsibility to oversee their spiritual growth and sometimes that means saying: "See you later".

I call this 'namaste in action'.