Salt flush before my trip to Bogotá

How the flush went down

5 days before my trip I gave myself 4 hours at home for the process. I woke up alone at home and on an empty stomach had my salt cleanse.

Most intersting was how I felt directly after drinking the salt concoction. My throat and sinuses felt refreshed and my chapped lips cleared up. I felt that perhaps my mineral balance was so low that the flush would not work. It did ...but the feeling of the salt!

I felt like I just took a dip in the ocean.

I love the sea. Two days after my first flush I did it again, because the first one felt so good. That was unnecessary and maybe even not a good idea. The first one was terrific! The day before I did it I had a craving, a thought, whatever it was... the thought popped into my head that I should do a salt cleanse. The morning I did the flush I woke up thinking about it. My feelings confirmed by my experience, I need to stay in tune with my body and have resonance in my actions feeding my biome. Only I know how I really feel. 

Ingredients that worked for me:

1 Litre luke warm filtered water with 2 teaspoons of salt - one himalayan the other sea salt - 2 squeezed lemons. Downed it within 5 min and 40min afterwards first sign of the flush happened. It was all finished within 2 hours. All under my control.