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How Yoga Can Help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

This brain is such a complex machinery, most people have never been trained in how to use it. It would take a certain level of dedication and focus to learn to use it. Most people are only using a fraction of the capabilities of their computer. There are so many ways to use that machine, but not everybody knows how. The same is true with the brain. Everyone’s brain is capable of many things, but this is not at your fingertips – that is the problem.

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Documentary on disgraced yoga guru Bikram Choudhury uncovers a trail of hot air and half-truths

“A style of Yoga for you.” ~ That’s what she said

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How You Treat Your Yoga ...

Yoga is tough. It pushes you to be better in spaces you didn’t know you weren’t operating at your highest capacity for Life and everything it offers us with each breath. The time on your mat is a snapshot of how you deal with tough situations. by Tori Hicks-Glogowsk

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How Your Hot Yoga Class Can Help Your Heart

It’s not the yoga practice alone—or even the heat by itself—that seems to lower blood pressure, but the unique combination of them. Unlike other types of fitness done in the heat, like a summer bootcamp class, yoga emphasizes breathing exercises and flexibility, as well as isometric contractions. When combined with heat exposure, it intensifies the advantages of each.

Stacy Hunter, Ph.D., an assistant professor and director of the cardiovascular physiology lab at Texas State University

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Bikram Yoga: The Real Fountain of Youth

Bikram Yoga enthusiasts have long espoused the practice as a cure-all. Now Western medicine is agreeing with them.

Sourced from Robert Irvine Magazine

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The Vagus Nerve - a secret piano key under our skin to press internally and calm us down

The vagus nerve is essentially the queen of the parasympathetic nervous system — a.k.a. the “rest and digest,” or the “chill out” one — so the more we do things that “stimulate” or activate it, like deep breathing, the more we banish the effects of the sympathetic nervous system — a.k.a. the “fight or flight,” or the “do something!” stress-releasing adrenaline/cortisol one.

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Bone structure - using Bikram Yoga as Therapy

Core Yoga Shifts

Require a non opinionated approach to your own process. The attachment of ‘dislike’, and even ‘like’, is only serving up until a point.

Enter into a core base line shift with a non personalized approach to your practice.

Meaning a state of non comparison of oneself with ones expectations. The Deep Core Yoga Shift filters through a state of non resistance….

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